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Recovering From A Burnout

Just like it takes some time for someone to have a full blown burnout, you can imagine that recovering from a burnout also takes a while. Like I’ve said before I’ve never had a burnout, but I’ve seen many people have it around me and I’m not a total stranger to mental health problems. Before they could get back to work it took a while and I think it’s especially hard for them because usually they are the kind of people who want to do everything, all the time and perfectly.

However taking the time to recover is very important, because it isn’t uncommon that people have multiple burnout because they don’t take the time to recover. Maybe it’s easy for me to say because I haven’t had a burnout, but my general advice is to take your time! The world is not going to stop turning if the dishes aren’t done and if your kids have to wear something they’ve worn before because you’re behind on the laundry (please tell me that’s not just me!!)

In this post I will describe the recovery process and give some tips that may be helpful during the different stages.

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Discover The Surprising Signs Of A Pending Burnout

Women these days have much responsibility and roles they need to fulfill. They are expected to have a great career, beautiful, well kept home, active in their kids’ school life and amazing cooks. Their kids need to do great at school and in order for them to do great the working mom/housewife/cleaner needs to perform yet another role: teacher.

The standards these days are just impossible. I’m still not really sure if it’s the women themselves that put that kind of pressure on themselves or that society does that. I hear it all the time that people can’t come work for a long time because they have a burnout. The weird thing is that (in my perception) it’s always the people that is easy-going, friendly, has their life together that seem to get a burnout. That led me to question what a burnout is.

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