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Welcome to Productive moms! I’m Vivian and glad to see you here. I have a son (5) and a daughter (3).

Besides being a mother I work as a technician in a genetics department. After some years of doing this job I wanted to get ahead in my career, which is why I also started a graduate study.

I found out very early that I need to be very well organized in order to make it all work. That’s when I found out I also have a passion for organizing and everything that I can do to make things run smoothly and leave me time with my kids.

In this blog I will share tips on how to be more productive at work, tips and tricks for cleaning, meal planning, home organization. Everything that can make your life as a working woman (and mom) easier.

Besides this blog you can also follow me on Facebook and on Pinterest.

Please join me in my quest to get my life more organized.


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